Hamoa Beach

| Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Hawaii, by both locals and visitors alike, this idyllic crescent shaped cove of fine coral and lava sand is surrounded by lush tropical foliage and is located just steps from either of our accommodations.

It has been consistently ranked as one of the top 10 beaches in the country by coastal expert Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman, also known as Dr. Beach:

Dr Beach's Top 10 Beaches in the Country for 2015

One of the best descriptions of Hamoa Beach was written by James A Michener, author of “Tales of the South Pacific, “Return to Paradise” and “Hawaii”. In his words, from the 10th anniversary issue of Holiday Magazine:

“Paradoxically, the only beach I have ever seen that looks like the South Pacific was in the North Pacific; Hamoa Beach on the island of Maui in Hawaii.  It is a beach so perfectly formed that I wonder at its comparative obscurity.  Formed in the shape of a half moon, it is rimmed by boulders of lava and guarded by tall, volcanic needles.  Pandanus trees line the shore, which offers a crescent of black and silver sand upon which breaks, at ten-second intervals throughout the day when the surf is running…the heaving Pacific.  I have never seen better surf.  Unwary swimmers are caught by their heel and tumbled for many yards over the abrasive sands, but those who know the tricks can ride the surf for hours."

Please come for a visit and experience the captivation of Hamoa Beach and the unspoiled tropical beauty of this very special location.

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Hamoa Beach
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