Dreams really can and do come true. We feel we are proof of that as we are living our dream!  Dan and I first visited Maui in 1982 and the moment we landed on this tropical paradise we knew that one day this island would be our permanent home.  Our first drive to Hana was the typical day trip that thousands of tourists experience, as it is the “Number One Tourist Attraction” on Maui.  When we arrived in Hana after driving over three hours from the West side of the island where we were staying, I remember saying to Dan “Wow, this is beautiful but who could ever live here!”  Little did we know what the good Lord had in store for us.

Being born and raised in Chicago I made the move to San Francisco in 1979 and not only fell in with love with the Pacific Ocean but also the man of my dreams.  Dan is a third generation native of the San Francisco Bay area who grew up surfing on weekends in Santa Cruz, California and both of us always felt the desire to live by the ocean.  Moving to Maui was not in our plans, but we were able to purchase a beautiful home near the ocean just outside of San Francisco on Coast Highway One.

Dan started his own business in 1992 as an independent sales representative for a number of companies that produce construction materials; and as fate would have it, one of the companies required their products to be represented on the Hawaiian Islands.  Our trips to Maui began to increase and our feelings for Hana deepened; and by 1997 we knew we wanted to make Hana our permanent home.

In October 1997, we stayed in Hana for a week and decided to call the local realtor in town and ask if he had time to show us some property.  We weren’t prepared to purchase or move right away, but wanted to get a feel for the real estate market.  After spending one hour with him, he drove us by a vacant lot that had just come up for sale, which was totally overgrown with weeds.  As we stood on the middle of the lot, barely able to look over the thick vegetation, our hearts pounded as we gazed at the blue green Pacific Ocean looking out at Hamoa Beach.  When we returned home we prayed about it and made the decision to sell everything in California, give up our two lucrative careers, move to Hana, and go into business as Inn Keepers.

Construction of our facility began in January 1999 and on December 19th of that year we moved in and opened our business in March 2000.  People from all over the world have stayed with us and the experience of living our dream continues to be unbelievable and an inspiration to many.  We hope that one day you will be able to experience the beauty of Hana with us and to know that dreams definitely do come true!

Mahalo and Aloha,

Sandi and Dan Simoni  

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